Artists From Around The World Tell Trump What They Think Of Him, The Result Is Priceless

Not many people like Donald Trump. This testimony from over 1,400 artists is proof.

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At this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s a well-known fact that much of the country detests him. However, if you’ve been tuned in to what other countries think of the President of the United States, you’ll know that America is far from being alone in this. After several of Trump’s disastrous performances in which he p*ssed off other world leaders during critical summits and attacked them on social media, it’s no wonder that the rest of the world hates The Donald as well. Trump’s ridiculous trade war and strict anti-immigration stance also hasn’t helped mend his reputation.

Having other countries showing their hatred for Trump has become common now. You may recall that when Trump was elected president, it sparked protests all over the world as other countries around the globe mourned for the once-progressive United States.

As art has always been used as an outlet of expression in times of great tension and struggle, it’s only appropriate that these feelings and volatile moments would be captured by artists from around the world. In response to Trump’s horrific leadership and the threat that he still poses to our democracy and the entire world, over 1,400 artists from 75 countries have come together to tell Trump what the world really thinks of him — and it’s not pretty.


These artists have perfectly captured how humiliating Trump is to a country like the United States and the problematic relations Trump has caused with the rest of the world. You can watch a montage of the brilliant collection below:

Even other countries can see how Trump is ruining our democracy. If only the Republican Party could wake up and see it the same way.

Featured image via screen capture

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