Angela Merkel Slams Trump At Munich Conference In Front Of Ivanka, Her Reaction Is Priceless

This is classic Ivanka.

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Ahead of a Munich security conference in Germany this weekend, the Vice President’s awkward moment with the crowd as he tried to herald Donald Trump’s “greetings” to those in attendance wasn’t the only cringe-worthy instance that took place at the event.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the stage to call for cooperation between nations in global trade, and she took issue with President Trump’s characterization of the import of foreign autos as a “national security risk.” Talking about perhaps the most famous of all German auto manufacturers, BMW, she pointed out that the biggest plant for the car is actually in South Carolina, not the area of her own nation that the cars are named for — Bavaria:

Look, we’re proud of our cars. We’re allowed to be. And these cars are built in the United States of America. If these cars, which are no less a threat than those built in Bavaria, are suddenly a national security threat to the U.S., then that’s a shock to us.”

The camera crew, however, saw someone else important in attendance and elected to cut away to the face of Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who has nearly assumed the role of global ambassador for his administration, despite not being elected. Ivanka mistakenly believes that owning brands that operate sweatshops to produce shoes and purses around the world somehow qualifies her to weigh in on other global affairs — but she was betrayed by her own face:


She was clearly not ready to hear that kind of criticism of her father on the global stage, although it seems incomprehensible to most thinking people that she wouldn’t have caught on by now that Donald is almost universally despised at this point.

One internet commenter summed up the reaction — and the entire situation — perfectly:

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