Americans Tell Trump What They Think Of His Nike “Boycott,” Screw Him Over In The Best Way

This is one of the best wakeup calls Trump has ever gotten.

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It was just a few weeks ago that Donald Trump ordered his disgusting fanbase of racists and white supremacists to boycott Nike for having the courage to put NFL player Colin Kaepernick in their new ad campaign for his tireless work against racial injustice.

Since Nike’s new ad campaign rolled out, the president has attacked both Kaepernick and the company for this bold move and ignited a one-sided battle that Trump’s supporters have been more than happy to take up for the president. Since Trump’s condemnation of the ad, gullible Trump supporters have been busying themselves by destroying any Nike item that they own and have launched a boycott on the company’s products.

As usual, Trump’s bigotry backfired on him and his fans. Nike Inc. has just reported that thanks to its campaign and the president’s attacks, the company has sold out 61 percent more merchandise! Remember when Trump recently tweeted that “Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts?” Clearly, that was just another one of his lies — because business has never been better.


Those sales are directly related to the ad’s rollout, as the company sold out more in the 10-day period after the ad than it ever had, according to research by Thomson Reuters. And Nike hadn’t even heavily discounted its products to make this happen. Jharonne Martis, director of consumer research at Thomson Reuters said:

These strong statistics reinforce the notion that Nike is standing firm – and not just in a social context. They don’t need to participate in the discounting that tends to plague other retail brands.”

Trump wants so badly to promote his white power rhetoric, but America keeps ruining it for him and his supporters. Americans are putting their money behind causes they believe in — which is exactly why Trump’s hotels are suffering and socially aware brands like Nike are thriving.

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