Americans Send Trump A Brutal Message Ahead Of His State Of The Union Address That He Won’t Be Able To Ignore

I hope he's listening.

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In honor of Donald Trump’s much-hyped (and long-delayed) State of the Union address this evening, protesters have gathered outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC today, complete with musicians, signs, and to top it all off, a giant parade float-style rat made to look like the President.

America expects to hear much of the same rhetoric from Trump tonight about how wonderful (he thinks) he’s doing and his long list of accomplishments — or at least, the ones he’s taking credit for, like the low unemployment rate among blacks, a statistic that was at historic lows before he ever took office and continued on the same trajectory.

The lows we don’t expect to hear him mention are the 45-year low in border crossings this year, as that wouldn’t quite square with his fear-mongering about the wall he’s desperate to get built. Trump wasn’t always this desperate for the wall, or he would have done something about it when Republicans had a majority in both houses of Congress, but now that Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives, he has become a non-stop cheerleader for the southern border barrier that he now believes is the cure for all of our ills — even if he has to lie about a “crisis” at the border in order to get it.


In fact, it’s likely that there will be a fair amount of scare tactics in tonight’s address, especially if it’s once again penned by his white supremacist sidekick Stephen Miller, who wrote his now-infamous inauguration speech. There will likely be talk of immigrant murderers, massive drug shipments, human trafficking, and of course his favorite subject, women taped and bound in the backs of trucks.

In fact, we already know some of it just based on who his guests at the SOTU are tonight:

Ah yes, the persecuted Trump fan, his number one demographic.

It could be, in fact, that the entire speech is as incoherent as his whole presidency has been: America is wonderful because of him, and he alone can fix it.

So for the time being, enjoy the message that the protesters brought to his hotel today. My favorite part? The tiny sign on the rat that says “Make America Great Again — Like It Was Two Years Ago.”

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