Americans Disgusted After Republican Women Reveal Why They Still Stand Behind Trump

I almost threw up reading this.

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The way that Donald Trump and the Republican Party have treated women over the last two years has been despicable and signaled that conservative men have every intention of taking us back in time.

Unfortunately, even as women raise their voices against sexism, misogyny, and sexual assault, many women still continue to support Trump — which is quite frightening considering white women overwhelmingly voted Republican in the 2016 election and midterms are right around the corner. The New York Times recently pointed out just how big of an issue this was by conducting interviews with female Trump voters, and the results were disturbing, to say the least.

Despite evidence that many women are coming to their senses and abandoning the GOP because of Trump, some cannot be swayed and continue to show up at the president’s rallies to support him. Joan Philpott, 69, revealed that she’d latched onto Trump’s fear-mongering about immigration when she said:


He understands why we’re angry and he wants to fix it. He wants to protect this country, and he wants to keep it safe, and he wants to keep it free of invaders and the caravan and everything else that’s going on.”

A 40-year-old stay-at-home mother in Missouri said she gets “a kick” out of Trump’s antics. Misty Spencer-Sauer explained:

I get a kick out of it. I just sit and yell at my TV, because they twist around what he says and it’s, like, everybody’s so sensitive all the time. He may be blunt, but I can take it.”

And despite how upsetting the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was for most women, it strengthened support for Trump in others. Diana Bass of Kenna, West Virginia trashed Kavanaugh’s accusers and said:

Unbelievable what they could do to a man over politics. If it could happen to him, it could happen to you.”

Even more disturbing is that some voters said they are infatuated with Trump (gag). Rachell Marks, 59, of Billings, Montana  said:

I have an infatuation and a love for this man that’s not normal. I give the highest respect when people are telling the truth and giving their political power. If anything, I have a deeper respect now.”

Let’s just say Americans are furious and repulsed that any woman would still stand behind Trump:

This is definitely making many people furious, and the Times made sure to point out this silver lining:

While he often claims that 52 percent of women supported him, that was the proportion of white women who did so; over all, 41 percent of women backed him in the presidential election. Since 2016, women have grown only more skeptical of him. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 38 percent of women approved of the job he was doing, substantially below the 47 percent it recorded over all, and 58 percent of women disapproved.”

Hopefully, these Trump-loving women are about to be drowned out by more reasonable ones in the midterms.

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