Ahead Of Trump’s Visit, Queen Elizabeth Ranked All The U.S. Presidents; Trump Will Not Like Where He Falls On The List

Well this is going to hurt his feelings.

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President Trump is set to visit with Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family soon, and we’d imagine that the Queen is certainly hoping that this one goes more smoothly than the last.

Of course, this is far from Her Majesty’s first rodeo when it comes to meeting with sitting US presidents, as Donald Trump is her 12th go around. But it seems that the Queen has been far fonder of certain POTUS’s than she is others. So where does the Trumpster land among Queen Elizabeth’s ranking of presidents? Who nailed it, and who made a complete ass of themselves?

Over the years, Queen Elizabeth has enjoyed many of the presidential visits. She cracked up with Reagan at his Santa Barbara ranch in 1983 and bestowed an honorary knighthood on him in a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace in 1989. The Queen shared an iconic dance with president Ford in 1976 and shared a unique experience with president Eisenhower having met with him as both princess and queen.


President Truman, who met with Queen Elizabeth in an official capacity while she was still a princess, was gifted a beautiful decorative mirror to be hung over the fireplace by the then-princess. Nixon awkwardly exchanged autographed photos with the Queen during his visit in 1969, which is oddly reminiscent of Trump’s recent gift to Japan’s new emperor. But even Nixon and the dumpster fire that was his presidency managed to keep his visits with the Queen dignified.

Clinton managed to stay under the radar with dignified but uneventful visits with the royal family as well as H.W. Bush, while H.W.’s son didn’t fare quite as well.

Other presidential visits over the years went just as well over the year with very few hiccups in the scheme of things. The Obama’s had a few minor whoopsies, like when Michelle put her arm around the Queen. But her majesty made it clear to then FLOTUS that it was “all rubbish” and received Michelle’s affection with nothing but love, eventually forging a life-long friendship between the Obama and royal families.

But then we get to Trump. Donald Trump’s visit with Her Majesty ranked just a nose hair above president Carter’s kiss on the lips, and that’s likely because Trump just hasn’t thought of it yet.

During Trump’s first trip he was met with a plethora of protests, with as many as 250,000 people marching in the streets of London, and thoroughly showed his ass through his entire stay. He was blatantly disrespectful and repeatedly walked in front of the Queen, which is a HUGE no-no. And no one will forget the Trump baby blimp.

It will certainly be interesting to see where Trump falls after a repeat visit to the UK. But we can’t image it will go any better than the last.

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