Acting WH Chief Of Staff Told Official To Ignore Dems’ Subpoena For Information On Security Clearances

Well, this doesn't make them look guilty at all. Nope, totally normal.

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For a group of people that’s supposed to be “totally exonerated” and “completely innocent” the Trump administration sure does have a funny way of showing it. The entire administration, including several key members of Donald’s own family, have been under heavy scrutiny for a while now for everything from the contents of the Mueller report to Jared and Ivanka’s questionable security clearances that daddy dearest gave them despite the fact that national security officials warned him not to.

Over the last several months, that decision has come back to bite them all in the ass — and now the White House is doubling down to save their own behind.

Former White House Personnel Security Director Carl Kline has been issued a subpoena to testify today before the House and Oversight Committee in regard to the security clearances that were granted to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. However, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney has directed Kline to ignore the subpoena.


Deputy counsel to Donald Trump, Michael Purpura, penned a letter showing that Kline was instructed to not appear before the committee despite the fact that he’d been issued a legal subpoena due to the fact that the committee has rejected the White House’s request for a representative from the Office of Counsel of the President to attend the testimony.

The letter stated that Kline wanted to testify to the committee regarding the shady security clearances granted to Trump’s daughter and son-in-law over the express advice and objections of several national security experts, but that they ultimately could not abide by the subpoenas or participate in the disposition at all due to an “impending conflict.”

So basically, Trump’s White House doesn’t want anyone going on record without one of their own sitting there to watch and listen to everything that’s going down. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

While it doesn’t look like there will be a testimony delivered by Kline today after all, it doesn’t change the fact that the White House and Trump administration’s attempts to cover their own asses in broad daylight is just continually painting “guilty” across their foreheads.

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