White House Tries To Brag About Trump’s “Historic Results,” Immediately Gets A Reality Check

This is gonna hurt.

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Donald Trump, his administration, and the Republican Party seriously need to stop pretending that Trump is “winning,” because it’s just getting embarrassing at this point. Trump’s presidency has never been worse as the government shutdown nears almost an entire month of restricting pay for federal workers. But that hasn’t stopped the lies from coming.

Yesterday marked two years since Trump’s inauguration, and the president’s team made the terrible mistake of trying to brag about his “promises kept” and his “historic results.” To celebrate, the White House tweeted a link that led to a statement where Trump bragged about his accomplishments and the GOP posted a similar tweet:


As expected, this did not go well. America did not hesitate to retaliate and give Trump and his minions a few major truth bombs. Check out the responses below:

The Trump administration gets humiliated every time they try to say something positive about Trump’s presidency. It’s incredible that they even keep trying, but then again, there is no such thing as the truth in this administration.

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