White House Reporters Shocked After Trump’s “Unusual” And “Odd” Behavior Raises Red Flags

Trump is like one big walking red flag himself.

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As we watch Democrats take control of the House investigations that will shortly be calling Don Jr’s and possibly Jared Kushner’s freedom into question, we’re prepping for the mother of all meltdowns from Donald Trump.

That means it’s time to revisit some of his strangest behavior since he was inaugurated — but it’s a long list, so we have to go with the greatest hits.

Last Labor Day, a day where we celebrate the workers that have built and maintained America’s infrastructure, municipality, and economy, it seemed like Donald Trump had stumbled into the holiday, instead of celebrating the day with proper form.


Trump started his Labor Day by attacking a major union leader, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. Trump tweeted that Trumka “represented his union poorly on television this weekend.” Trump also associated this perceived lapse in performance to Trumka being a Democrat.

This attack came after Trumka went onto Fox News Sunday, noting that efforts to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement should include Canada — right after Trump threatened to move forward without Canada participating. Trumka is head of several unions, and he believed that it would be hard to move forward with any sort of NAFTA agreement without having Canada onboard since trading and commerce is so tightly woven between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

That Saturday, Trump also tweeted that there was no “political necessity” to include Canada. It’s worth noting that Trump’s ability to exclude Canada from a deal came under scrutiny, especially since he moved forward without the approval of Congress.

Trump’s odd behavior did not end with his erratic tweets. White House reporters were at a loss after Trump boarded his motorcade, then turned around and went back into the White House moments later.

It was alleged that Trump changed his mind about traveling. Not only that, but he also placed a “lid” — noting that he has no news to share with the reporters, essentially sending them home.

We’re sure there will be plenty more as we dig through our archives with reminders of just how not normal this entire administration has been.

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