White House In Panic Mode As Oversight Committee Hits Them With Letter Demanding Documents Over Kushner’s Security Clearance

Elijah Cummings sends a scathing letter to the Trump Administration.

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Elijah Cummings is keeping the crooked White House on its toes. With the dark cloud lingering over the White House in reference to the recent Security Clearances granted to Trump family members against the recommendations of the Intelligence Community, the House Oversight Committee, now run by Democrats, is increasing the level of scrutiny on internal transactions overseen by Donald Trump.

Representative Cummings, a stalwart of justice and honesty, demanded clarification from the White House as to how it conducts its Security Clearance Process:

Over the past five weeks, the White House has stalled, equivocated, and failed to produce a single document or witness to the committee…The White House has refused to commit to providing any information regarding the security clearance of any specific White House official, and the president has asserted no constitutional privilege to withhold this information from Congress.”

Cummings sent a potentially damming warning in the form of a letter to the White House: “Full and immediate compliance” is expected ASAP or subpoenas will be sent in bulk (with an Amazon Prime Discount). All this is coming to a head as Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance raised immediate red flags by those within the Trump Administration and top-level security officials presiding over America’s most prominent intelligence agencies.

More specifically, Jared Kushner’s cozy relationship with the Saudi Crown Prince stemming from the Trump’s Organization’s desire to expand its brand within Saudi borders and his self-righteous attempt to open Saudi Arabia up to the West with broad Modernization Objectives should have prevented him from obtaining a Security Clearance in the first place. Trump’s insistence on granting Kushner clearance reveals the level of naïve nepotism running rampant in the West Wing — nepotism stained with inexperience and blind bravado.

Cumming’s compelling letter may open up the flood gates of corruption in the White House. Once the rushing water of scandals hits the Public’s purview, the “rats” in the Administration will be jumping ship in order to get back to port.

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