White House Betrayed Trump, Released Highly Damaging List Of Visitor Logs

Trump wanted to hide this forever.

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Since Donald Trump stepped into the White House, the amount of shady business and disruption of protocol that has taken place has been unprecedented.

Trump is now in hot water over receiving a $100 million payment from Saudi Arabia, at nearly the same time he stated that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was innocent in the disappearance of U.S.-based Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Senators are now demanding that Trump reveal any business ties to Saudi Arabia after this “coincidence.” But should anyone be surprised?

Trump has a history of conducting all sorts of strange business. Let’s not forget the time that the White House turned on the president and released a huge list of visitor logs despite the fact that Trump wanted to keep them private. In revealing this list, America got a look at all the lobbyists and special-interest groups meeting with the Trump administration.


This list was published earlier this year as part of a settlement between the Trump administration and watchdog group Public Citizen. The release of the visitor logs revealed visitors to the Office of Management and Budget, Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the Council on Environmental Quality. Several individuals and outside advocates such as Lee Janger of the Alliance for Vehicle Efficiency, Laurie Holmes of the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association, and Hudson Hollister, a co-founder of the Data Coalition were also found on the list as well as researchers from conservative think tanks like Competitive Enterprise Institute and Heritage Foundation.

But some very disturbing info was also discovered in those logs — many records weren’t documented at all. In some instances, it was shown that the White House was being routinely used for recreational purposes by family members of administration officials. It seemed as though there was no order in the White House, and it made perfect sense why Trump had discontinued the practice of posting visitor logs.

Upon seeing the visitor logs, Public Citizen President Robert Weissman said:

The public now can see who is visiting these four agencies, as they should have been able to see all along.

Now we’ll at least have a window into the corporate and ideological lobbyists who are driving Trump administration policy.”

As usual, there’s always a reason when Trump wants to hide something. This should be on everyone’s mind as we head into midterm elections.

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