Watch Draft Dodger Trump Mock James Mattis In Crazy Rant, Claimed He “Would Have Been A Good General”

This is an entirely new level of crazy.

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Donald Trump has reached a new level of insanity over the last several days that is honestly pretty scary. While the president has been very depressed and isolated due to being stuck in the White House thanks to his own government shutdown, Trump gave an insane cabinet meeting today which made it perfectly clear that he’s deteriorating right before our eyes.

Proving that he’s on his last thread, Trump went on a completely unhinged rant today as he railed against his own former Defense Secretary, James Mattis. Trump had ended Mattis’ tenure right before the New Year, and is now oblivious that trashing his former Defense Secretary only makes the president himself look awful.

In retaliation to a letter that Mattis had written in which he blasted Trump’s global policy, Trump went off about Mattis and actually claimed that he would have been “a good general.” There’s just one thing that is even worse than Trump slamming Mattis – the fact that Trump is a draft dodger and he can actually find it in himself to say he’d be good in a role he would never have the courage to even get near.


Trump lashed out in the meeting:

What’s he done for me? How had he done in Afghanistan? Not too good. As you know, president Obama fired him, and essentially so did I.”

This was yet another lie by Trump, as Mattis resigned after Trump said he wanted to withdraw troops from Syria. Then the president dropped this disgusting statement:

I think I would have been a good general, but who knows?”

Trump’s ego and complete disconnect from reality is terrifying right now, and it’s only going to get worse.

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