Viral Photo Of Brett Kavanaugh From Inside Confirmation Hearing Shows Why He Would Make A Horrible Supreme Court Justice

This is absolutely disgusting.

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Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to be the newest Justice named to the United States Supreme Court, is facing a confirmation that’s unlike any in American history. Not only does his hearing process mark the first time a nominating President has used executive privilege to shield a nominee’s history from scrutiny, but many believe that the nomination should be rescinded entirely until after the small matter of whether Donald Trump obtained the presidency by underhanded, unethical, or possibly illegal means is resolved.

Add all of that to the fact that Republicans are attempting to call Democrats “obstructionists” on this nominee after they very publicly and without any legal grounds simply refused to hold a hearing for Barack Obama’s nominee to the SCOTUS — Merrick Garland — simply because they didn’t want him to be able to appoint a Justice, and you have a recipe for a downright explosive confirmation process.

The very last thing that Brett Kavanaugh needs during these hearings is for his own behavior to appear improper or anything other than impartial and non-partisan, right? The simplest thing for him to do would be to let Republicans and Democrats work it out for themselves, and at least he would have his dignity regardless of the outcome.

Too late for that.

In just a passing moment today, captured forever in a photograph, Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself as nothing more than a partisan hack. Approached by a man who has done more for the cause of gun control than any grieving parent has done in a generation, Kavanaugh had an opportunity to prove that justice truly is blind. But when Fred Guttenberg, the father of Jaime Guttenberg, who would have been 15 in July if she had not been gunned down in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Florida on Valentine’s Day, went to shake the nominee’s hand, Kavanaugh rejected the gesture.

Photo via Andrew Harnick/Twitter

Brett Kavanaugh, after Fred introduced himself, visibly and literally withdrew his hand from going through with the handshake, turned, and walked away from the desperate father.

This is not a man who should hold the fate of any law in his hands, let alone the future of gun control as the majority of Americans want to see it changed.

For shame.

Featured image via screen capture

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