Veteran Prosecutor Brilliantly Pokes Holes Through Trump’s Rebuttals About Russia: “The President Knew A Lot”

Trump is BUSTED.

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Donald Trump’s lies about his knowledge of Russia’s involvement in his 2016 campaign have just been blown to shreds.

New York City homicide prosecutor Paul Callan recently gave an interview to CNN host Jim Sciutto and made the argument that there is practically no way in hell that Trump didn’t know that his presidential campaign had colluded with Russia to help him win the election.

During the discussion, Callan stated that the polling data Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort had given to the Russians was far worse than anything the president might have done with his hush money payments. Sciutto asked Callan:


The question becomes, does Mueller have evidence that ties anyone who may have colluded on the Trump team back to the president? How hard of a line is it to draw and how significant?”

Callan totally blew up Trump’s spot, asking the question “How could the president not know” when his own son had put together the meeting with the Russians in the Trump Tower? He said:

Well, it is a difficult thing to do although I think if you step back, most people say, ‘how could the president not know his campaign manager is slipping polling information to the Russians? How could the president not know when his own son orchestrated a meeting in the Trump Tower with Russian representatives to get dirt on Hillary Clinton? It all looks like the president knew a lot.

But the defense here is: he didn’t know. We’ll have to see what Mueller has. I’m assuming there may be other things because the Mueller investigation has been thorough and detailed in every case when an indictment is filed.”

You can see the conversation, which will ruin everything Trump is denying, below:

Featured image via screen capture

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