Unsettling Details Revealed About What Trump And Mike Pence Do During “Executive” Time

Well, this is disturbing.

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Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence have had a strange, rocky relationship during their time in the White House together. Pence has been thought to be the much smarter, more diligent part of the team, but it turns out that Trump’s laziness is brushing off on the VP, who seems to be partaking in Trump’s mysterious “executive” time.

Trump spends several unsupervised, unstructured hours every day in what is now known as “executive” time. During this time, the president has been known to binge on cable TV and tweet constantly – and he’s recruited Pence to be his partner in crime. According to a new report, Trump spends some of this casual time with Pence doing none other than shouting at the television while eating fast food.

The Atlantic reported that multiple White House aides have stepped into the Oval Office Dining Room and personally caught Trump and Pence gorging on spreads of burgers and chicken while watching cable news on a big screen TV. Many times, Trump can be found yelling at the television and regularly interrupts his lunch with Pence to bring in other aides to discuss responses to what he was watching.


It’s hard to believe that this is what “executive” time looks like now. We all know that Trump has far too much free time on his hands (which has been proven by his almost nonstop Twitter feed) but finding out what he really does is disheartening. What is even worse is that Pence isn’t even picking up the slack for the president anymore — Trump has brought him into his lazy routine and no one is running the country during these unproductive lunch dates.

If only Trump was as outraged by the real problems facing this country as he is by the media and his negative press coverage.

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