Twitter Hands Down Major Policy Change Against Trump, POTUS Will Lose It

Cue the MASSIVE Twitter stroke.

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There is nothing more important to Donald Trump than his Twitter account. He’d sail his kids down the River Styx in a rubber raft before he’d ever hand over that phone. And because the man weaseled his way into the presidency, he pretty much gets to do whatever the hell he wants with that Twitter account.

Countless times, Donald has blatantly broken the social media platform’s rules with numerous instances of hate speech, spreading misinformation, and even inciting violence against Americans and issuing thinly-veiled, sometimes even obvious threats. But because he is now a world leader, he’s been able to get away with it scot-free due to Twitter deciding that the content is in the “public interest.”

However, a huge new policy change from the popular social media site is sure to soon have Donald losing his damn mind on his most favorite outlet — no doubt that he’ll take to Twitter to bash and berate them within the next 24 hours.


Twitter will now be attaching a disclaimer label to the tweets of world leaders when their content violates the platform’s rules.

Of course, this policy will certainly apply to leaders all around the globe. However, if we’re being honest, it will only really apply to Trump. Because we’re the ashamed owners of the only world leader whose tweeting habits rival that of a 12-year-old.

A Twitter spokesperson told CNN Business, “This is not about perceived bias but about providing more clarity if our rules have been broken.”

Seems like a legitimate, well-thought-out, and mature approach to the problem. That does not, in any way, mean that Donnie won’t have a trademark Twitter fit of epic proportions, nonetheless.

Twitter explained that their disclaimer will read, “The Twitter Rules about abusive behavior apply to this Tweet. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain available.”

Twitter also pointed out in a blog post that there will be exceptions to the public interest rule moving forward, stating, “[D]irect threats of violence or calls to commit violence against an individual” are “unlikely to be considered in the public interest.”

They also explained “When a Tweet has this notice placed on it, it will feature less prominently on Twitter” and will not be featured in their “Top Tweets” section, live events pages, or other key features of the site.

So, not only will Donald get a big, fat “bullshit” sticker stuck to pretty much all of his tweets moving forward, no one will see them either. He’s going to have a fucking coronary.

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