Trump’s Stamina In Major Decline As He Rounds Up Motorcade To Drive Him Across The Street From White House

What the heck is going on?

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All eyes were on Washington DC on Tuesday as luminaries from the wide orbit of the late George Herbert Walker Bush gathered for his memorial, which will be held on Wednesday at the National Cathedral. But as we’ve told you already here at DC Tribune, Donald Trump will not be speaking at the ceremony, and so it was almost inevitable that he would want some special attention for himself during a week when someone besides him was the center of attention.

That’s how it came to pass that Trump would be meeting privately with the surviving Bush family, George W. and his wife Laura, at Blair House, also known as the President’s Guest House.

Blair House is sort of a misnomer for the estate where the former President and First Lady are staying in DC; it’s actually a seamlessly-connected series of townhomes that make up a building even bigger than the White House itself. It’s closed to the public, and always used to host visiting dignitaries or diplomats.


Importantly, Blair House is directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, with one side facing the White House across the street and the other two townhomes around the corner on Jackson Place facing Lafayette Park — but all located within hundreds of yards of the lawn of the White House.

That’s why it was such a curiosity to see Trump gather his entire motorcade, climb into the presidential limo, and take a ride across the street to Blair House to visit with President and Mrs. Bush:

Was it just so he could make a big show of how important he is? Or is there something more serious at play here — Does Donald Trump need a car to go across the street?

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