Trump’s Plans To Kill Mueller Probe Fail, POTUS Will Be Crushed

This will be devastating to Trump.

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Donald Trump has tried to shut down Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation since it began, but something has just made it much harder for the president to get his way.

It turns out that Mueller and the team he has created to investigate Trump and his many associates has been financed throughout September, according to three U.S. officials. These officials stated that Mueller’s office received funding from the U.S. Treasury thanks to regulations set forth by the Justice Department. A DOJ spokesman said:

The Special Counsel is funded by the Independent Counsel appropriation, a permanent indefinite appropriation established in the Department’s 1988 Appropriations Act.”

Over the last few weeks, Americans have been impatiently waiting for Mueller and his team to end the probe and reveal a report about its findings. However, the release of such a report remains elusive as Mueller’s office hasn’t given a date yet.

Trump and his minions have been criticizing the probe nonstop, calling it a waste and misuse of taxpayer funds (even though Trump himself wastes tons of taxpayer dollars every time he goes to Florida to play golf). Trump, as usual, is in absolutely no position to be calling anything a “waste”, as he is the most careless, wasteful president this country has ever had. He has no right to call a legitimate investigation into some very concerning matters of a sitting president a “waste” when the president himself is literally making up fake national emergencies to further his own racist agenda.

Trump can call Mueller’s probe a “witch hunt” all he wants but everyone knows that deep down the president is terrified about what Mueller could find out about or do to him. The fact that Mueller’s probe has more funding will only serve to make the president even more nervous.

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