Trump’s Legal Team Planning To Reject Congressional Requests For Documents, Setting Up Major Fights In Court

We can't wait to see what Congress does about this.

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It looks as though Trump’s attorneys are fully prepared to go under for him — even if it means breaking the law. Congress has requested documents from the Trump administration with a deadline of today, and it seems that Trump’s lawyers have no intentions of turning them over, which could result in a serious court fight.

Trump’s legal team is “telling a crucial House committee seeking documents from dozens of Trumpworld associates that it has nothing to turn over,” according to The Daily Beast — which is a direct violation of a congressional request for documents, and something tells us that Congress has no intentions of playing nice about it.

According to a reliable source, the Trump legal team is using a pretty strange and shady legal rationale to explain their unwillingness to cooperate. A letter sent to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) lays out the details. The publication reported:


The brief letter, sent by Trump attorney Jane Raskin, lays out that Jay Sekulow — the Trump lawyer who received the documents request early this month — and the current team never turned anything over to Mueller’s office or the Southern District. Hence, the source said, when Nadler asked Trump’s outside counsel for such documents, the attorneys’ position is that the House Democrat was asking for something that didn’t exist.”

Given that the deadline was only today, we can’t say with certainty how Congress intends to react to the circumventing of their request and it’s not quite clear if any other Trump allies intend to make a sketchy dodge on Congress’s appeal for documents themselves. But we do know that the committee has every right to respond to the cop-out with a formal subpoena — which would certainly drag everyone through a lengthy and messy court confrontation.

Something tells us that Congress is all out of time for the Trump administration’s bullshit.

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