Trump Will Be Pissed After His Unhinged ABC Interview Flopped, People Preferred To Watch Game Show


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Poor ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos spent what had to be a harrowing 30 full hours following Donald Trump around for an exclusive interview, and as it turns out it ended up being for a whole lot of nothing — the program was kind of a ratings bust.

The full interview which aired on Sunday night came in third in its time slot, behind the U.S. Open on Fox and “60 Minutes” on CBS. It also only gave just the tiniest of bumps to “America’s Funniest Home Videos” which aired right before.

All in all, Trump’s special exclusive interview with the network only garnered 3.91 million viewers. At first glance, that doesn’t sound too shabby. That is until you consider the fact that ABC attracted 6 million viewers during the same time slot last week when they aired “Celebrity Family Feud” with comedian host Steve Harvey.


That’s right, folks. The American people would rather watch a game show that’s been around since 1976 than to listen to our blowhard president run his mouth. Frankly, we hear enough of that through Twitter and random off-script rants whenever he feels the fancy. We definitely don’t need to tune into it on purpose.

To make the whole ordeal just a bit richer, over 2 million more people didn’t just tune in to any old episode of “Family Feud” either. They sat down to watch blatantly outspoke Trump critics, John Legend and Crissy Teigen on the popular game show.

Of course, those who did watch the interview got to see Donald attack his chief of staff for coughing while he was speaking, rattle off a plethora of lies, and whine because he’s treated worse than the slaves ever were.

It seems that Trump isn’t just falling short when he’s up against game shows, though. Donald is still seriously underperforming compared to political content, as well. Consider that last November, ABC News aired a segment with former first lady Michelle Obama in the same time slot which raked in 5.5 million views.

Quite frankly, Americans are just getting sick and tired of listening to his bullshit. Now we just need to ensure that the election reflects that come next year.

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