Trump Wakes Up Wednesday Morning, Accuses The UK Of Spying One Day After Accepting Visit With The Queen

No Donald, that was Russia.

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President Donald Trump and the United Kingdom have a bit of a complicated relationship. While Prime Minister Theresa May may be anxious for a visit from the US head of state in the wake of the dumpster fire that is Brexit, she is one of very few. Queen Elizabeth herself has gone to no great lengths to hide her disdain for the man and a major Great Britain news publication just recently published an op-ed calling for Donald to stay the hell out their country, expecting mass protests if he does show up — and considering his last visit to their country ended up with the infamous Trump baby blimp, well… We just can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeve next.

Nevertheless, despite the UK’s hatred of him, Trump recently scheduled a state visit to the country. But his civility was extremely short-lived. Trump rolled out of bed this morning, no doubt with the help of Stephen Miller and Mike Pence, and decided to do a little conspiracy theory tweeting of the UK with his Big Mac breakfast.

In his tweet, he accused the United Kingdom of “spying” on his campaign, citing his sources on unreliable evidence from an ousted and disgraced former CIA analyst, Larry Johnson.


“‘Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.’ @OANN WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!” Trump’s tweet read.

Johnson, a blogger and occasional guest on Russia Today, has been promoting his crazy conspiracy since the beginning of Trump’s presidency —  citing a secret Democrat with internal ties to the intelligence community as his initial source. Do keep in mind, this is the same guy that spent actual years of his life hyping up Michele Obama’s alleged “whitey tape” in which she is supposedly slurring white people.

We don’t know who let Trump have his phone this morning before he took his meds, but can someone please remind him that when it came to campaign and election meddling, that was Russia.

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