Trump Tries To Explain Away His Business Losses With The Dumbest Excuse Possible, Gets Laughed At

If there's one thing he hates more than being a loser, it's being laughed at.

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After the bombshell report in Tuesday’s New York Times that detailed over a billion dollars in losses for Donald Trump during the decade spanning from 1985 to 1994, the general conclusion was that not only had Trump been lying about his one major “qualification” for even running for the presidency — that he was a successful businessman — but that he was so bad at it, he’d lost more money in that time than almost any other single taxpayer in America.

Today, Trump is frantically tweeting his cover story:


The Times‘ requests for input from Trump and the White House as they were investigating the piece were met with the same excuses — first that there was a “good reason” that Trump lost so much money, that it was essentially on purpose so that he could avoid paying taxes, which as many Republicans like to portray, is legal and makes them smart for finding the most creative ways to make money. Then Trump’s legal team said that the whole report was bogus because the transcripts of his financial records were from a time before electronic filing and therefore unreliable.

That’s the one-two Donald throws here in the tweets: There was a reason for it, and also it’s not even true.

Suspending disbelief for a moment at that staggeringly bad logic, the fact is that IRS and Treasury officials often rely on those transcripts, and in fact, the Times themselves, in researching the massive exposé on the Trump family finances going back decades that just earned them another Pulitzer, used the same transcripts of Donald’s father Fred Trump’s finances, and what they printed ended up corresponding perfectly with the actual, signed, Treasury-approved tax returns they eventually got their hands on.

America wasn’t buying Trump’s bullshit either:

Of course, Trump’s so bad at this sport, he probably would put the mac & cheese on his kids’ feet, their shoes on the table, and then deny that shoes and cheesy pasta even existed.

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