Trump Throws Colossal Fit In Oval Office Meeting, Goes Full Dictator Over His Border Wall

Someone please put him down for a nap.

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Donald Trump has once again forgotten that he is in America and he’s not anything like his idols, Russia president Vladimir Putin or North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

Earlier today, Trump continued with his usual fear mongering in the Oval Office during a pool spray. Looking more exhausted than usual (or perhaps like he’d been crying all night, judging from his puffy eye bags), Trump declared that he has the “absolute right” to declare a national emergency if he couldn’t end the government shutdown because Democrats won’t fund his ridiculous border wall. In the pool spray, Trump yelled:

I think we might work a deal, and if we don’t we might go that route. My threshold will be if I can’t make a deal with people that are unreasonable.”

Trump also falsely claimed that federal workers (who are currently unpaid during the shutdown) support his choice to keep the government closed until he can get his wall. Trump said:


They’re all going to get their money and I think they’re going to be happy. … you take a look at social media, so many of those people are saying it’s very hard for me, it’s very hard for my family but Mr. President you’re doing the right thing…I think they have been terrific, these are terrific patriots, a lot of them agree with what I’m doing.”

This is absolutely false – not only are most Americans against Trump’s wall, but many federal workers are actually terrified that they cannot pay their bills. Some have even resorted to crowdfunding, as they are unable to pay their mortgages.

Trump truly lives in his own little world. He is the only one who supports what he’s doing right now – even Republicans are humiliated by it. He has no right to put America through this – and the GOP needs to do something about it. You can watch Trump’s temper tantrum below:

Featured image via screen capture

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