Trump Supporters Think Americans Are Stupid, Try To Pass Off Photo Of Woodstock As Trump Rally

This is crazy even for them!

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Donald Trump is bad enough himself. He’s a racist, sexist, bigoted liar with an ego that would rival every frat boy that ever lived. But what’s even worse is the absolutely deranged, brainwashed base of supporters that he’s created along the way.

True Trump supporters know no bounds when it comes to their undying allegiance, even if it means making themselves look like complete and total idiots. Who cares, right? The president does it every day.

Donald Trump personally spreads misinformation and even blatant lies at every opportunity, fueling his base to do the same thing in an effort to make their leader look a hell of a lot better than he really is. Sometimes a few of their lies slip through the cracks without getting caught. But more often than not, Trump and his base end up hilariously busted, looking even more desperate than the time before.


Lucky for us, that’s exactly what happened when throes of Trump champions took to Twitter spreading a meme they claim is showing a massive crowd at Trump’s recent rally in Pennsylvania. What’s the rich part, you ask? The photo is actually from the music festival Woodstock in August of 1969.

Even you take even a single second to actually look at the picture, you’ll notice a sea of bellbottoms and tie-dye rather than an expanse of red MAGA hats and disappointment.

While the president did hold a rally recently in Montoursville, Penn., and local news stations reported that thousands were in attendance, this photo that’s making the rounds definitely ain’t it. According to Snopes, the photo being shared by Trump supporters was originally taken by photographer Barry Z. Levine on Augst 15th, 1969 and depicts an aerial view of the legendary music festival crowd in Bethel, New York.

Of course, Donald is as obsessed with his crowd size as he is with his hand size, and has been personally busted in the past for comparing his crowd sizes to those of his predecessor, Barack Obama. So it’s unsurprising that his base would do the same. It just doesn’t make them look a bit less ignorant.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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