Trump Supporter Just Made POTUS Look So Dumb, Corrects Him On Camera During Major Speech

Can't wait until Trump sees what one of his own fans did!

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Donald Trump spent a lot of time trying to convince America that he had the “best words,” even though we are still waiting for him to prove that one. Let’s face it — we have a president who can’t read and can barely talk or construct complete sentences. His maturity level and temper tantrums aside, we almost have a child in the White House right now based on Trump’s lack of knowledge about how the world works and his very basic language skills.

Recently, Trump screwed up a simple word in his speech so badly that one of his own supporters took it upon themselves to help him out and correct him. As Trump spoke at his Tennessee rally on Monday, the president seemed to have a hard time pronouncing the word “renovation.”

Trump began to say, “The wall is under construction, a lot of work has been done,” and then when he tried to say “renovation” it somehow turned into “renervation.” One of the president’s fans was nice enough to correct his pronunciation as she stood behind him — only to completely freak out once she realized that she was on camera, on live television. As soon as she mouthed “renovation” and noticed the cameras, the woman threw up her “Finish the Wall” rally sign to hide her face, clearly having an “oh sh*t” moment. You can watch this hilarious moment below — it’s the woman on the right.


It’s as if she was ashamed to have been caught acknowledging that her president is an idiot. This moment is going to haunt the Republican Party all the way to the voting booths during midterm elections.

Featured image via screen capture

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