Trump Staffers Reach Breaking Point, Flee White House Over Drama And Disorganization

Trump is about to be all alone!

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The drama in Donald Trump’s White House seems to be getting way too much for the people who have been trying to stick it out to the end of Trump’s presidency.

While we’ve already seen people leave the Trump administration in droves over the last two years, it appears that things are getting worse and the White House is going to be more empty than ever. According to a Bloomberg report, staffers working in the government office that oversees economic sanctions imposed by the Trump administration are jumping ship thanks to office infighting, an unsupportive environment, and mismanagement.

Bloomberg reported that the Office of Foreign Assets Control has seen a major turnover while Trump “has nearly doubled the number of people and companies under U.S. sanctions.” Many of these staffers are now accepting jobs on Wall Street, as there is a high demand for people who are knowledgeable about Trump’s economic policies. But for many staffers, these exits are merely because they can’t stand department head Sigal Mandelker’s disorganization. Bloomberg reported:


Some who have left also blame Mandelker, 47, the undersecretary for Treasury’s Terrorism and Financial Intelligence unit, or TFI, which is composed of four offices, including OFAC.

While they say Mandelker is smart and well-versed, people familiar with her work also call her disorganized, indecisive and short-tempered and say she has embroiled her staff in feuds with a deputy, Marshall Billingslea.”

Bloomberg also reported that over 20 staffers (who did not want to be named) said that “Mandelker’s poor leadership has hurt morale across the units she oversees.”

It would hardly be the first time that this kind of behavior has been reported about the Trump administration. Previously, insane shouting matches between Trump officials have been noted, as well as other cases of mismanagement and ridiculous working conditions. The Trump administration seems to be cursed when it comes to retaining talent, and all fingers point to Trump for being the ring leader in lowering morale.

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