Trump Staffers Predict Outcome Of Mueller Report, “Fully Expect” It To Be “Embarrassing” For POTUS

This is just insane.

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Something that has been exclusive to the presidency of Donald Trump is the complete lack of loyalty to the president and the willingness of the president’s own staffers to trash him and almost relish in the fact that their boss is going down. We’ve seen this in the insane amount of leaks to come out of the Trump administration as well as the many tell-all books that get published about the president’s horrendous character and offenses once someone leaves. This behavior runs on every level of Trump’s White House, and it’s even evident in the discussions surrounding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Trump has been trying to spin Mueller’s report to make himself look more innocent and favorable, but his own White House aides expect that the report will tell a very different story once the full documents are shown. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post White House reporter Ashley Parker, Trump’s aides are predicting something far worse for their boss.

In an analysis piece, Parker posed the question, “Could Trump’s cries of ‘total exoneration’ become his own ‘Mission Accomplished’?” She also offered this piece of enlightening news:


Privately, White House aides and Trump allies say they fully expect the report to contain embarrassing specifics for the president.”

Considering the fact that the president has already been exposed for several extramarital affairs, unethical business decisions, and tons of other damaging acts since his presidency, it’s hard to imagine that things could possibly get any more embarrassing for Trump. However, we should never underestimate what horrific things our Tweeter in Chief is capable of – he always seems to outdo himself and set the bar even lower. We all know that Mueller’s report is bad news for the president – but the fact that his own staffers are confirming it is definitely going to raise eyebrows.

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