Trump Spends Thanksgiving Eve Going Nuts On Twitter, Live Tweets Fox News Like A Madman

This man is NOT fit to lead!

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Donald Trump is doing his best to make sure that no self-respecting American can spend the holiday without being thoroughly embarrassed or having uncomfortable conversations around the dinner table.

While most of us are spending time with our families and reflecting on what we’re thankful for, the president has jetted off to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach and spent his entire Thanksgiving Eve glued to a television, live-tweeting Fox News.

After several unhinged tweets earlier in the day, Trump settled on tweeting about a segment on Your World with Neil Cavuto. Charles Payne was filling in for host Cavuto, and interviewed border patrol agent and National Border Patrol Council vice president Hector Garza about the Trump administration’s use of troops at the border to “engage in some law enforcement roles.” As usual, Fox guest Garza praised Trump and helped the president fear monger by saying there were “a lot of criminals in this caravan.” You can only imagine what happened after that.

Trump took this segment and ran with it, congratulating himself on Twitter:

‘Thank you to President Trump on the Border. No American President has ever done this before.’ Hector Garza, National Border Patrol Council. There are a lot of CRIMINALS in the Caravan. We will stop them. Catch and Detain! Judicial Activism, by people who know nothing about security and the safety of our citizens, is putting our country in great danger. Not good!”

Continuing his Fox News binge, the president continued to live report how the network was praising him, directly tweeting at Fox to encourage the network.

‘79% of these decisions have been overturned in the 9th Circuit.’ @FoxNews A terrible, costly and dangerous disgrace. It has become a dumping ground for certain lawyers looking for easy wins and delays. Much talk over dividing up the 9th Circuit into 2 or 3 Circuits. Too big!”

This man is such an embarrassment to our country.

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