Trump Returns To Twitter For The First Time Since Release Of Mueller Report, Sounds As Giddy As A School Girl

Okay, this is just creepy.

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In the world of political stories, there is no news but the biggest news — almost any story worth writing or reading is worth being the only thing anyone talks about on a given day. Understandably, then, there has been little in the news cycle since the transfer of the Mueller Report from the Special Counsel’s Office to the Office of the Attorney General.

We’ve had analysis and speculation, reversals of plans for cooperation, arguing members of Congress on both sides of the debate as to whether to make the entire report public or redact certain parts, and even folks trying to guess whether “no more indictments directly from Mueller” means no more at all, or just no more for now — after all, there’s public evidence of crimes by people who have not yet been indicted.

What we haven’t had, at least for a 40-hour period beginning right around when that report was handed over, was the President’s customary running commentary on everything in the universe from his regular fountain of wisdom, Twitter.


The last thing that Trump had done on the social media platform, other than a little PR video tweet, was a standard Trump move of contradicting everything his administration had been working on in order to seem like he’s in total control of the government — less than a day after his own team announced new sanctions for North Korea, he decided his bestie Kim was still an okay guy, and went ahead and canceled those sanctions before they ever went into effect, because there’s nothing better than paying experts taxpayer money to carefully craft political solutions to issues of diplomacy, then basically wiping your ass with the resulting plans.

But today? Today is apparently a glorious new day. Like a bad boyfriend who doesn’t even remember hitting you last night baby, the President unveiled his post-Mueller Report attitude, and we’re back in business:

Wait, what? No Angry Democrats references? No questions as to why Hillary Clinton wasn’t indicted? You guys, I can’t fight this sneaking suspicion that not only was his silence during those 40 hours on the advice of counsel, but these vanilla tweets are as well.


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