Trump Returns Home From Paris Trip Just In Time To See Latest Poll Numbers, Rant Imminent

Honestly, this is going to kill Trump!

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After embarrassing America for the entire weekend while he was in France, Donald Trump has gotten quite the surprise when he returned home.

After extremely unhinged, erratic behavior following his losses in the midterm election (and the rise of Democrats in the House of Representatives), Trump went into the weekend disrespecting veterans and our active military, refusing to honor America’s fallen heroes because of a little rain. Clearly, America is paying attention now more than ever because after all of his antics over the last several days, Trump’s approval rating looks worse than ever.

Despite regular negative press coverage and more failures than we can keep track of, Trump was still trying to make his presidency look like a pathetic version of “success.” However, he’ll have a hard time arguing what has just been reported in a Gallup poll today – Trump’s approval rating is now at a laughable 38 percent, with 56 percent of the country disapproving. This marks Trump’s lowest numbers all year — and we can definitely chalk that up to his latest behavior. Check this out:


Trump seems to be unraveling faster than ever now, so we would hardly be surprised if these numbers dropped lower yet. But despite how obvious it is that Trump is failing not even two years into his presidency, we can almost guarantee that he is not going to give up his 2020 re-election efforts. Any sane person would look at this 38 percent approval rating and take a hint, but Trump has zero grip on reality and will cling to his undeserved place in the White House until he is forced out. Fortunately, with every approval decrease, it looks as though that day is getting closer and closer.

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578 points