Trump Reportedly “Terrified” Of What His Former Administration Members May Expose About Him In 2020

Trump deserves to be worried.

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While Donald Trump has had every reason to be nervous over the fact that his former administration members have been quick to turn on him and trash him after they leave the White House, it turns out that the president is even more nervous about what his officials will do to him in 2020.

Trump has a record-breaking turnover rate in the White House, and has a special talent for hiring people who immediately throw loyalty out the window once he’s no longer their boss. Trump recognizes this, and it’s keeping him up at night.

According to The Daily Beast, the president is worried that all of the ex-officials who he’s trashed publicly and behind closed doors will expose damaging details about him when he tries to run for reelection in 2020. Considering how cruel and unhinged Trump has been to his former administration members, it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve whatever’s coming to him.


In the report, The Daily Beast writes that Trump is “terrified” that his former officials will be “seeking revenge” through tell-all books that will ruin the success of his 2020 campaign. The report states:

Those who have worked with Trump say he understands the dangers of having so many disgruntled ex-employees — including former corporate titans and revered military figures — speaking out during the re-election. And yet, they also recognize that the president is largely unwilling, or incapable, of doing the main thing to prevent such a situation from happening: not humiliate members of his team before (or in some cases after) their banishment.”

As of right now, the White House has been dealing with these stories through a counter-strategy that involves lying to the president’s gullible supporters and telling them that these stories aren’t true — even if several former Trump officials corroborate the claims. Already, it looks like 2020 is going to be one wild year.

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