Trump Reportedly Planning For A Recession In 2020, Comes Up With Pathetic Way To Deflect Blame

This will devastate every Trump supporter.

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Donald Trump loves to brag about the economy right now, but he’s been riding the accomplishments of former President Barack Obama since the second he stepped in the White House. However, a recent report reveals that Trump isn’t so certain about the future, and he’s planning for the worst.

Trump is well aware that a recession would screw up any possible chance he might have at reelection in 2020 — so he’s already coming up with excuses and things he could tell America to justify why the economy is crashing. As usual, the president will not be taking any responsibility for the part he may have played, and has instead made a list of people he could blame if an economic disaster occurs within the next two years.

Politico reported that Republican sources have stated that in Trump’s list of scapegoats for a recession, the president intends to pin the blame on congressional Democrats first, with incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being a top target. One Republican said:


[Trump] is more strategic about setting up the assignment of blame than people give him credit for.”

And in a shocking turn, Trump is also intending to blame a few of his own appointees. Some sources have stated Trump has already started to rally against the current chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell — AND his own economic advisers! A GOP source “close to the White House” said:

He’s going to blame Wilbur Ross for some of these problems once Ross leaves. And if any of his advisers walk, he’ll blame them too.”

It’s no wonder so many of Trump’s former employees trash the president once they’re out of the White House — because they know he’d do the same. There is no loyalty or accountability in Trump’s administration, with the president setting the ultimate low morale. Hopefully, Trump supporters will open their eyes and not fall for Trump’s fake news.

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