Trump Reminds Americans How Stupid He Really Is, Country Stunned Over His Claims That Stealth Planes Are Invisible

How is this even possible?

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Once again, Donald Trump has not only humiliated the United States, but reminded all of his constituents why he doesn’t deserve to be president.

Trump has been president for almost two years now and has had access to pretty much any information he wants or needs. And yet despite having experts at his disposal to educate him on any subject he desires, he still prefers to remain ignorant and painfully stupid.

There are several subjects that Trump continues to spread misinformation about even though he has been corrected (and ridiculed) many times. Earlier today, we learned that The Donald still doesn’t know that F-35 fighter jets aren’t actually invisible, and we’re wondering why someone on his team hasn’t burst his little bubble yet (perhaps they enjoy watching him make a fool of himself).

Trump gave a speech at the White House today, where he spoke about supporting veterans and military families. During this speech, the president decided to go off on a rant about America’s military aircraft, the F-35 in particular. He said:

Just gave out a tremendous order for brand new F-35’s. They are stealth. You can’t see them, other than this, they are easy to beat. I said to one of the pilots, ‘how good are these?’ He said, ‘sir, the problem is you can’t see them when you fight them.’ I said ‘that sounds like a big advantage.’ They said ‘it’s an awfully big advantage.’ Incredible equipment.”

You can watch it happen below:

Oh dear. The President of the United States — the man who has access to the nuclear codes — truly believes that F-35s can’t be seen. While yes, F-35s cannot be detected by radar and other sensory equipment, they are by no means actually “invisible” like Trump believes they are. Trump has spoken about the “invisible” capabilities of F-35s before, and obviously his team chose not to correct or inform him. At this point, Trump’s idiocy might be a cruel joke within his own administration.

Featured image via screen capture

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