Trump Refused To Take Questions From The Press After Cohen Tapes, Completely Ignored Reporters

Trump has nothing to say about his very eventful week, preferring to head straight to Bedminster for a golf weekend.

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A clearly flustered Donald Trump hurried to board his Marine One helicopter on Friday after what can only be described as a week to remember — the news of the secret Michael Cohen recordings of the President discussing a hush money payment to a former Playboy Playmate made just months before the 2016 election merely the capstone on a monumentally bad week for the commander in chief.

Normally, Trump will pause on the White House lawn and field questions from reporters — in fact, he prefers that method of communication at times, since he is unscripted, can say whatever comes to mind, and can catch people off guard with his answers. The President is often so convinced of his own righteousness that he can mistakenly believe that anything he says will be correct, or at least believed by the gathered reporters and eventually his base.

That was clearly not the case Friday as reporters chased him down, shouting questions about the newly-revealed tapes, his conversations with Vladimir Putin during the summit in Helsinki, and one who even asked “Are we now allies with Russia?”


Trump, however, simply waved as he did what looked an awful lot like a walk of shame to his waiting transportation, where he saluted the Marine at the bottom of the steps, then boarded the chopper.


The President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, in the manner we have all now become accustomed to, claimed that the tapes revealed by the New York Times were, in fact, “powerful exculpatory evidence” of Trump’s innocence. The timing of the tape, however, proves at the very least that the White House was lying when they claimed they had no knowledge of the hush money payments to either Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal before they were made public — the recordings took place prior to the election, in September of 2016.

Marine One was, of course, headed for a golf course on a Trump property for the weekend.

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