Trump Praises Himself For Fully Funding The Military, An Audit Reveals The Shocking Truth

Someone has been lying!

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Donald Trump is now infamous for his lies and broken promises. Nothing he has promised to do for America has come true in his almost two years in the White House, and by now most Americans know nothing that comes out of his mouth can be trusted. Fortunately, the president’s lies are all blowing up in his face.

Trump has spent several campaign rallies bragging about how he has fully funded the American military. As recently as last week, Trump was at a Mississippi rally telling his supporters:

We are taking care of our veterans and our military will soon be more powerful than it has ever been before and because of that incredible power, hopefully, we will never have to use it, right?

We secured through the help of Lindsey Graham and everybody. Roger, we secured $700 billion and $716 billion to fully rebuild our great United States military and we gave our great warriors their largest pay raise in more than a decade.”

Here’s the thing, though. The Pentagon allowed an audit, which revealed that Trump had been lying his a*s off. The New York Times reported that the Pentagon couldn’t locate any of that money. Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters:


We failed the audit. We never expected to pass it.”

Apparently, the auditors had no idea where $2.7 trillion have gone due to “flaws” in the IT. And while the Army Corps of Engineers and the Military Retirement Fund passed their audits, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines and most other divisions all failed.

To make matters worse, despite the fact that Trump is bragging about the military being “fully funded,” the military still needs more. Instead of trying to figure out where this money has gone and disappeared to, Trump wants to continue putting more money into the military. The Pentagon was able to fight back by discouraging Trump from holding a huge military parade a few weeks ago, but who knows if they will be able to stop him for the next two years.

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