Trump Pouts In Roundtable Meeting Because Military Can’t Beat Up Immigrants, Hungry For Brutality

I can't believe he would say this in public.

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Donald Trump has made no attempts to hide or mask his passion and hunger for brutality, especially when it’s combined with the abuse and oppression of minorities. However, there have been several instances in Trump’s president that we’ve been shocked about just how transparent the president is about his support for violence — and earlier today our Tweeter in Chief let it all hang out.

During a roundtable in Texas, the president pouted and expressed his displeasure over the fact that troops on the U.S.-Mexico border can’t get a little “rough” because people would go “crazy.” He also tried to sell people on his pathetic border wall, stating, “You don’t need drones…but if you don’t have a wall it is never going to happen.”

Trump followed that up with this:


Our military, don’t forget, can’t act like a military would act because if they got a little rough everybody would go crazy. So our military can’t act like they would normally act — or like, let’s say, another military from another country would act.”

You can watch Trump lament the fact that his troops can’t unleash the full extent of violence on immigrants because there would be an uprising below:

This should set off red flags for a lot of people. The president has proven to be mentally unstable and unafraid to invoke violence. And yet, the Republican Party refuses to acknowledge ridiculous statements like this and lets the president get away with this behavior — and that’s exactly why Trump continues to act and speak like this.

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