Trump Officials Announce James Mattis May Be Leaving Administration, White House In Shambles

So many changes, so little time!

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Donald Trump is almost down another top administration member, and this will likely add to the emptiness of his already lacking, understaffed White House.

Trump has been getting pummeled for his recent decision to pull the United States out of Syria (against the wishes of his own advisors), and now Trump officials are predicting that it would likely cost him Defense Secretary James Mattis.

According to the Washington Post, “Mattis has been repeatedly overruled by Trump in recent months and left out of key discussions as the president pursues his own national security path.”


Mattis had apparently reached a “low point” in his struggle to keep the president in line, according to current and former Trump administration members, which may lead to Mattis becoming yet another “short-timer” who flees Trump as fast as he can.

Like with so many of the president’s previous administration members who have left, Trump’s relationship with Mattis has been a rocky one. Government officials revealed to the Washington Post that Trump also “sidestepped Mattis’s concern about deploying U.S. forces to the U.S.-Mexico border this fall with only a vague mandate for border security.”

You can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be a literal expert in something and be constantly overridden by a former reality television star who is extremely unqualified for the positions he’s been wrongfully given. We’ve seen this happen in the Trump administration time and time again, where Trump’s key officials can’t take the insanity of the White House anymore and they eventually reach their breaking point.

While Mattis’ departure seems to only be a prediction right now, no one would be surprised if he’s the next administration member to walk. And as usual, Trump will have a hell of a time trying to fill his shoes.

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