Trump May Cancel His Trip To Ireland Due To Fact That Irish PM Refuses To Meet POTUS At His Golf Course

Trump is grumpy because he didn't get his way.

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President Donald Trump is a petulant being. You add that to his ever-growing ego, and shit inevitably starts getting weird. Donald’s attitude and behavior have caused a lot of strife with a lot of important people over the course of his presidency. He tends to live by my middle school math teacher’s mantra, “It’s my way. There is no highway option.” His unwavering refusal to compromise or accept that a lot of people aren’t so fond of him has left many of our allies none too quick to jump at the chance to work with him.

Now it seems that Donald has screwed the pooch on an important meeting once again thanks to his conceit and inflexibility.

According to new reports, Donald’s trip to Ireland scheduled for next month may be canceled altogether because Trump refuses to agree on something as minuscule as the location of the meeting.


Of course, Donald wants to hold the gathering at Doonbeg, his own golf course and hotel complex located in Ireland — it’s home ground for Trump AND puts a few extra dollars in his own pocket. However, Irish Taoiseach (TEE-shock; Irish equiv. of Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar feels like meeting on Trump property would cause protocol issues as to whether it’s a public or private visit.

The Irish Times reported that “while the Taoiseach’s preference is to meet Mr. Trump in County Clare, Irish officials are reluctant to meet the US president in his golf course in Doonbeg. Instead, the Government has pressed for a meeting in another location, preferably Dromoland Castle, located 35 miles away.”

Then again, Trump’s reluctance to visit Ireland may have a lot to do with the fact that the Prime Minister said protesters were not only “allowed” but “welcome” during the visit. And we all know how Donald feels about people exercising free speech that doesn’t hail him.

“I’d say to them, this is a democracy and peaceful protest is part of democracy,” Varadkar stated in reference to the possibility of protestors. “And I would certainly never criticize anyone for taking part in a protest if that’s the way they wish to express their views.”

A visit that isn’t on his golf course and protesters that are “welcome”? Of course, Donald is going to stay home and pout instead.

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