Trump Live Tweets From His Annual Physical, Instantly Gets Exposed For Lying

I don't even know what to say.

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While most people in America truly believe that Donald Trump should be given a mental evaluation before any other exam, the president went for his annual physical exam earlier today – and tweeted from the exam table.

While he was getting checked out by the doctor at Walter Reed Medical Center, the president was tweeting the entire time about various topics – and got called out for lying in the process.

In one particular tweet, the president shared a photo of himself looking happy, giving a “thumbs up” and pathetically celebrating his  “50% approval rating” – which any other president would be ashamed as hell to be bragging about. Trump captioned that photo with, “Working hard, thank you!”


“Working hard” is obviously something that Trump knows nothing about, and he got called out for it instantly. People figured out that Trump was not in the Oval Office “working” at all, and no one could figure out why the hell Trump would be tweeting during a physical.

Americans also had some interesting reactions when they found out the truth:

I guess we all know that we should be highly skeptical of any results that come out of this physical. Not only have doctors lied about Trump’s health in the past, but any exam that enables someone to aggressively tweet during it should not be taken seriously.

Featured image via screen capture

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