Trump Just Suggested The Death Penalty For His Political Opponents

This has gone too far!

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Donald Trump’s signature craziness has been on a roll the last couple of days. It all started when he got seriously butthurt over a “cover-up” stated made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and he’s been in a quick downhill spiral ever since — pitching a fit in an infrastructure meeting, having a cow during a speech in the Rose Garden, taking to Twitter for yet another tantrum, and then forcing his employees to attest to his calmness and cool temper during a live speech with members of our agricultural community that are currently suffering due to his tariffs. But the answer he gave to one reporter’s question during the agricultural meeting just pushed things too far, even for Donald Trump.

During his speech to farmers and ranchers of America, Donald went on an unhinged rant against his political opponents and suggested that they deserve the death penalty.

A reporter at the event asked the president, “Sir, the Constitution says treason is punishable by death. You’ve accused your adversaries of treason. Who are you talking about?”


Trump then brazenly claimed, “they’re trying to take down the wrong person.”

“Look at [James] Comey, [Andrew] McCabe, people higher than that,” the president went on. “If you look at [Peter] Strozk, if you look at his lover, Lisa Page, his wonderful lover. They talked openly. They didn’t use their private server because they didn’t want to get caught. So they used the government server. That was not a good move. He talked about the insurance policy just in case crooked Hillary loses. That didn’t work out well for them. So you look at them.”

He went on to talk about them having an “insurance policy” if Hillary were to lose the election, stating, “That’s what they said. That’s what they meant. That’s treason.”

That, of course, indicated that he had no disagreements with his opponents being subject to the typical treason punishment — the death penalty.

We’re just guessing that those same rules don’t apply to him or anyone in his family or administration.

You can watch the video here:

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