Trump Just “Fist Bumped” The Queen Of England During Awkward Exchange

He is so weird!

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Donald Trump has already thoroughly screwed up his state visit with the royal family and he hasn’t even been there a day. He insulted the mayor of London by calling him a “stone cold loser” before he even got off the plane. Then, when greeting the royal seniors, he and Melania opted for handshakes instead of the traditional curtsy and bow, which upset quite a lot of British traditionalists. But to make matter even worse, and a hell of a lot more awkward, Trump ended up giving the Queen of England a gawkish “fist bump.”

Of course, he couldn’t stick to the tradition — an expected neck bow — because Donald Trump and his ego aren’t about to bow to anyone. But for some reason, he chose to awkwardly grip the Queen’s fingers in his fist in a move that people are likening to a weird ass fist bump or some sort of strange, multi-part handshake.

I don’t think anyone, including members of the royal family, expected this state visit to go off without a hitch. His last visit to the UK alone was a pretty good indicator that he was going to be his typical asshole self, given that he was disrespectful enough to actually walk in front of the Queen. But I’m not so sure that anyone was prepared for the greeting to be so damn weird right off the bat.


Given that the Trumps are already being so downright rude and just plain old strange, it’s unsurprising that London was geared up with baby Trump blimps and hilarious messages mowed into the grass in preparation for his visit. We can only imagine that the entire country, including the royals, are impatiently waiting for him to haul his ass back where he came from. But could someone please let them know that we don’t want him back?

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