Trump Just Announced His Plans For His Final Midterm Rally With “Special Guests,” This Will Be His Worst Yet

This is going to be a sh*tshow.

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Everyone knows that Donald Trump has a really hard time finding respectable, credible people to help him hype up his rallies — especially now that he’s become even more of an embarrassment. As we saw with his 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s rallies were flooded with A-list celebrities and Trump could hardly find anyone who would be caught dead helping him campaign.

Not much has changed since then, despite Trump’s efforts to campaign for the Republican Party ahead of midterm elections. For his final rally before the midterms, Trump was trying to go out with a bang but came up very short. It turns out that, based on Trump’s recent announcement, the president’s “special guests” at his final rally are going to be Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Trump’s team tried to shrug off this massive disappointment by announcing the two insane conspiracy theorists as “media legends.” CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins reported:


This is almost laughable. As Trump has been blasted for lying more and more at his recent rallies, there’s no doubt that the presence of Hannity and Limbaugh will result in one of the most fear-mongering and fake news rallies we’ve seen to date. America knows it, too — just check out some of these reactions to the White House’s announcement:

This rally is set for Monday, and you can expect that it will be an absolute train wreck.

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