Trump Jr Risks Copyright Infringement Lawsuit After Sharing Doctored Nike Ad Featuring His Father

It would certainly be ironic for a Trump to be embroiled in a trademark lawsuit they didn't personally file.

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Donald Trump Junior, the protegé and eldest son of the President, is often the first to spring to Trump Senior’s defense when things are looking sour for his father. Whether it’s doubling down on insisting things his father has said are true, engaging in back and forth on social media with Trump detractors, or simply tweeting ideas and statements that are supportive of dad’s presidency, Junior has been reliable as a buttress against attacks on the former reality show star.

So when the Nike ad campaign featuring a zoomed-in close-up of Colin Kaepernick’s face and an inspirational phrase superimposed over it took the world by storm after the former Super Bowl quarterback tweeted it on September 3, it seemed like only a matter of time before Trump Jr would begin to echo his father’s sentiments against the ad.

It turns out his idea of hitting back at the Nike campaign — an ad push that the $30 billion multinational corporation has doubled and tripled down on even after conservatives began inexplicably burning their own property in protest — was to simply appropriate the company’s logo and trademarked phrase using a photo of his father in place of the former 49ers superstar:



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There, fixed it for you. #maga

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Adding the Trump campaign’s signature hashtag “MAGA,” Trump Jr posted the image to his Instagram account on Wednesday night.

By Thursday, social media was abuzz with what they thought Nike should do about the blatant trademark violation:

It would be somewhat poetic to see someone with the last name Trump get sued for the very thing that the President has sued so many people over — trademark — in a case that he would clearly lose.

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