Trump Has Major Meltdown Before Midterms, Begs Americans Not To “Ruin” His Success

Trump is beyond the point of trying to feign confidence in the midterms.

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For someone who is as overly (and undeservedly) confident in his “winning” abilities as Donald Trump, he sure isn’t acting like it — at all.

Despite regularly bragging about all of the “success” he and the Republican Party are having during his disastrous first (and hopefully last) term, the president continues to melt down on Twitter. Signaling that he’s “secretly” VERY worried about the midterms, Trump is having trouble hiding his insecurities. Just check out these tweets from over the last few days:


And that’s just over the past week. If Trump wasn’t so worried about the midterms, he wouldn’t feel the need to continue attacking Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for an election that he won —or continue his childish attacks on a party that he said he would work WITH, not against (yet another broken promise).

But let’s not forget that whining for America’s approval is how Trump has always done things. Last year, Trump ended 2017 with a disgraceful meltdown on Twitter. On New Year’s Eve, Trump got nervous about the fact that Democrats had a very good chance of taking control of Congress in the midterms. Instead of doing some self-reflection and trying to correct course, Trump exploded on Twitter by making ridiculous claims and taking credit for accomplishments that he had nothing to do with. Once again taking credit for the hard work of former President Barack Obama, Trump whined that if Democrats were in office, they would “totally kill” the “great wealth” that he had “accomplished.” Freaking out about the midterms, Trump tweeted:

Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 Election when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the months since the Election. People are much better off now not to mention ISIS, VA, Judges, Strong Border, 2nd A, Tax Cuts & more?

If the Dems (Crooked Hillary) got elected, your stocks would be down 50% from values on Election Day. Now they have a great future – and just beginning!”

Over six months later, it seems that nothing has changed. Trump is still nervous as hell, yet he’s made zero effort to improve. He and the Republican Party deserve to lose in the midterm elections.

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