Trump Had Major Morning Meltdown During Live Interview, Threw Fit Over The Press

Trump is a madman.

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Donald Trump’s relationship with the press is like nothing we have every seen before. The wannabe dictator, who is hypersensitive to any sort of criticism or fact checking, has done all he can to limit the free press. Now that the president will be gearing up for his 2020 campaign soon, we can only expect that things are going to get much worse.

In gearing up for the worst that’s yet to come, it’s worth revisiting one of Trump’s most insane moments with the press, where he truly showed how insane and unfit he was. Last year, Trump had some very tense arguments with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who has been one of the most outspoken reporters when it comes to holding the president accountable.

Not only did Trump revoke Acosta’s press credentials, but he actually used a doctored video clip to justify it. Then, he demanded that he receive more “respect” from reporters (even though HE is extremely disrespectful) and threatened to take away more press passes. Trump referred to Acosta as “a very unprofessional man” and called other reporters such as April Ryan “nasty” and a “loser.”



Having Trump blast a member of the free press was one thing, but having the president promote a doctored video to make that reporter look worse is another. Even video editors have raised red flags:

This shows that Trump and his administration will do pretty much anything to protect the president and lie to the American people.

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