Trump Goes On Saturday Morning Twitter Rant, Attacks The Press In Desperate Move To Deflect From Himself

Another weekend in paradise, spent tweeting from the bathroom.

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When all else fails, try telling your base to stop believing what’s going on around them. That’s the mantra and the modus operandi of the Trump administration, and Saturday morning was no exception. In the midst of a crumbling Cabinet — with ten original Trump picks gone amid scandals and exhaustion — and a clear, public ramping-up of the Russia investigation by Team Mueller, Donald took to Twitter to do his very specific brand of damage control:

You get the pattern here — a general statement about how things the media says that he doesn’t like are not real, complete with inappropriate scare quotes around a word that really can’t mean anything except the exact word it is, the characterization of what they should be saying if only they would say what he wants, and then BOOM: That sweet, sweet Clinton mention.


But as usual, they’re the ramblings of a sociopath who just had to raid his own inner circle to laterally “promote” someone from a job he really wanted to one he didn’t want, all because nobody wanted to be Trump’s Chief of Staff. A man who’s watching his Interior Secretary resign before one of the 13 corruption accusations against him starts to gain traction. A man who knows his son is about to be indicted by the greatest prosecutorial team America has ever seen.

We see you, Donald. There’s no pity for you anymore, and you’ve all but used up your diversionary tactics, even when it comes to your own base. When the economy starts to collapse under the weight of the record-setting debt Trump is piling up, when more and more manufacturing jobs are incentivized out of America by the disastrous GOP tax scam, even those who supported this President will question their own sanity.

And we can just point to Twitter as the warning they should have been paying attention to.

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