Trump Goes On Insane Rant, Acts Like A Crime Boss By Publicly Praising People Who Refuse To Cooperate With Mueller

'Leave the gun, take the cannoli.'

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It’s almost as though Donald Trump doesn’t believe that Robert Mueller can see his Twitter feed.

That theory isn’t completely off the deep end, actually — he’s clearly only talking to a very specific subset of people. He is addressing his unhinged supporters, who hang on every word he says and defend even his most idiotic behavior.

Oh, and people he’s speaking directly to with his tweets. This is the part where Mueller comes in — because it’s as if Trump has it on his daily schedule:

  • 7:54 AM – Begin rant about China and “leveling playing field”
  • 8:01 AM – Bizarrely profess love for farmers (can this be worked into ad for dating app?)
  • 8:45 AM – Talk about how spending billions on a wall will actually save money, end with “GET OFF MY LAWN!” “STOP THE DRUGS!”
  • 10:24 AM – Obligatory mention of rat Cohen
  • 10:48 AM – Some light witness tampering, obstruction

Seriously, Trump still doesn’t understand how many judges in the last two years have used tweets from the people in his own orbit who have gone down in court to prove their guilt, or at least the fact that they were unrepentant for their crimes. And here he is, blatantly telling Roger Stone he approves of his plan to stonewall the investigation:

Did you notice how he put his own title in quotes? “President Trump.” Yeah, we all put quotes around it in our heads, buddy.

The thing is, I think maybe Trump spent a little too long on TV and in movies, because literally everything he does looks like he thinks the movie version of it is going to follow. Unfortunately for The Don, there’s no red checkered tablecloth from which he gets to send out orders while eating manicotti.

That’s not indigestion, Donald — that’s a lengthy prison sentence causing the pain in your chest.

Featured image via screen capture

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