Trump “Forgot” His Favorite Son’s Birthday, Finds The Most Pathetic Way To Make Up For It

Yes, this really happened.

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Further proving that the President of the United States truly only cares about himself, Donald Trump has forgotten yet another very important date for a member of his family.

In the past, we’ve seen The Donald forget to get his wife a birthday gift, completely ignore the birthday of his least favorite child Tiffany Trump, and forget important holidays because they didn’t matter to him. However, what Trump just did to his favorite son, Donald Trump Jr., is pretty shocking considering how in sync these morons are in their tweets and behavior.

Right at the end of 2018, Trump forgot that it was Donnie Jr.’s birthday, forcing his unhinged son to actually retweet birthday posts from others in hopes that his dad would take notice:


And while the president didn’t notice at all, others sure did:

But wait, it gets worse. Not only did Trump never wish his son a happy birthday (we all know he only has eyes for Ivanka anyway), last month Trump Jr. told USA Today that his dad is a terrible re-gifter when he tried to make up for it. Here’s what USA Today reported:

‘Well, I’m the namesake, so I got regifted all the things that were monogrammed for him at times,’ Trump Jr. told Extra. ‘There was one Christmas where he may or may not have given me the gift I had given him the year before because I monogrammed it.’

Trump Jr. said he confronted his dad about the humorous mishap. ‘I’m like, “I know you didn’t get this.”‘

Trump Jr. said his father asked how he knew that and Trump Jr. replied, ‘because I gave it to you last year.'”

That’s absolutely awful and only proves how disconnected Trump is from reality and everyone around him.

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