Trump Family Collapsing As Donald Isolates Himself, Sulks About Being Abandoned By His White House

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From the looks of things, Donald Trump should’ve stayed out of the kitchen, because it doesn’t seem he can take the heat. His entire presidency has been nothing but a shit show from the very start. But now that Donald is being bombarded with investigations, resignations, and the fact that entire countries hate his guts he appears to be cracking under the pressure — leaving his family feeling the backlash from their association with Trump and may very well end up leaving them in as much shit as he is before it’s all said and done.

The New York Times has reported that Trump is really going through it in the wake of everything that’s going on, especially the Mueller probe. Evidently, he’s all up in his feelings — wallowing in anger, and fear, and we’d guess a hefty helping of guilt — and his family is feeling the cold shoulder as a result.

The Times reported that Trump has been confiding in those close to him that he feels “totally and completely abandoned” — like there’s no one left that’s going to take his side. In fact, Trump has reportedly even stated to his closest confidants that he believes members of his own family are working against him — specifically his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Now, we would say that sounds like Trump’s hysteria-inducing paranoia kicking in. But considering Kushner is currently cooperating with several different investigations that are all likely to ultimately throw his father-in-law under the bus… Well, you win some you lose some, right Mr. President?


The Times even reported that Trump’s relationship with his children “has grown more removed and that he feels he does not have a friend in the White House.” Which is worth noting considering Ivanka and Jared used to be all the way up Trump’s ass. It seems that Trump and his offspring (as well as her husband) just can’t get along these days, ending up in disagreements “much of the time.” But in true spoiled rich kid, waste-of-a-good-trust fund fashion, Daddy seems to have trouble telling them no. Instead, he would make Chief of Staff John Kelly do it. Which only made Ivanka stomp those pretty, pedicured feet a little harder. It’s no wonder Kelly flew the coop.

Trump is so down and depressed these days that he doesn’t even make time for friends anymore. Instead of socializing at events, he stops for a pouty photo and heads back to his room to wallow.

Trump’s presidency is crumbling and his mental health is quickly going with it. While this doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s the epitome of irresponsibility for Trump’s family and the entire Republican party to allow him to drag this nation down with him.

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