Trump Attacks Democrat Who Will Be Big Threat To Him In 2020, It Is Pathetic

Did he really say this?!

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Americans can always tell just how threatened Donald Trump is by someone thanks to the way he either attacks or insults them. The president’s insecurity over his failing presidency and incompetence is on full blast now that several well-respected Democrats have put their bid in for 2020, and it seems the president knows his time is going to be up even if he manages to make it to the end of his first time.

Senator Cory Booker just recently announced his bid for 2020, and it’s making the president very nervous. This was fully apparent in an interview Trump did with CBS News’ Margaret Brennan after hearing Booker’s announcement. In a clip from the interview, Brennan spoke up about Booker running for POTUS and Trump immediately stated, “He’s got no chance.”

When Brennan asked Trump why, this is what the disgraceful POTUS said:


Because I know him. I don’t think he has a chance.”

Not that anyone should be upset over this – Trump is completely disengaged from reality and nothing Trump, who is the most incompetent president ever, says should surprise anyone at this point. And this interview got even crazier. Brennan asked Trump if he thought any Democratic contender had a chance and Trump had the nerve to say he’s “not impressed” with the Democratic field. You can watch the interview below:

Trump knows that many of the Democrats who have announced their run would wipe the debate stages with him. Contenders like Booker, who are already likable and respected by Americans, post a major threat to him and he knows it. That’s why he can’t help but try to minimize their character.

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